A hackathon for beginning and experienced developers to write innovative code and develop interesting projects.

2015 was a great year for HackDartmouth. We had such a great time with all you hackers at our first two events that we just had to throw another one for hackers of all levels. Thus, we present to you: HackDartmouth’s HackDay!

This time, we're narrowing our focus to Dartmouth students combining experiential learning with friendly competition in a closer, more intimate environment. We will be offering student-run workshops the evening before the event. Come familiarize yourself with the latest tech and API’s or learn to code from the area’s greatest hackers.

The day of the event features twelve hours of coding, swag, and amazing prizes! So mark your calendars for April 16th, 2016 with workshops the evening before. Check out our website for more the schedule and more details!

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All hacks must be built at Dartmouth by registered and accepted participants.

Teams may include up to four members.


A valid submission is a hack produced at HackDay from start to finish. Submissions must be made to DevPost by 8PM Sunday April 16th. Please include an accurate description and photos of the hack.


Tim Tregubov

Tim Tregubov
Technical Director of DALI Lab

Lorie Loeb

Lorie Loeb
Associate Professor of Computer Science at Dartmouth College

Judging Criteria

  • Design
    How creative and engaging is the design of your hack?
  • Usage
    How easy to use and understandable is your hack?
  • Creativity
    How creative is your hack? Have you seen many ideas like this before or is this very unique?
  • Technical
    Is your hack tech-savvy? Have you displayed skills to effectively bring an idea to life?
  • Skills Learned
    For beginners, what new skills did you learn today? How did you go about learning how to build your project?